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This site is made available for general information regarding legal issues for palliative pain management as well as care at end-of-life in the US. Palliative care refers to an entire grouping of services with respect to easing pain and providing basic comforts as an individual deals with terminal and other serious illnesses involving chronic pain. See disclaimers.

What Our Team Does

The Pain Care Reporter disseminates information which has been collected regarding legal materials to assist personal injury attorneys as well as other legal advocates for:
  • Elderly patients in pain and who are suffering terminal illness;
  • Patients as well as families dealing with legal issues and end-of-life withdrawal of treatment;
  • Families of patients who experience sub-par pain management at the hand of their doctors and HMOs;
  • Doctors as well as other medical team members wanting to understand legal rights as well as their legal obligations according to federal and state law;
  • Doctors and medical professionals facing scrutiny or investigation for suspected abuse of palliative pain management and for specifically typically prescription involved in the legitimate treatment and management of pain for patients.

Our hope is that you will reach out to our office with cases, news of briefs, articles for law review and other information. We seek to facilitate multi-disciplinary information helpful to the doctors, dallas personal injury lawyers, and patients as well as regulators and other caregivers and stakeholders in understanding one another and better working to improve overall access to decent and adequate palliative pain care.


Although we intend for this site to be useful, we do not, nor can we guarantee its up-to-date, complete, nor legal advice nature. The site is in no way to construe any type of legal advice, nor does it create an attorney client relationship with any of the readers, respondents, or contributors to this website. Each individual case is different as well as the appropriate state and federal laws which apply the each individual’s situation are also different. Readers and respondents should not rely nor should they turn to this information as legal advice without the assistance and guidance of an attorney and other licensed and qualified advisers. This information should be used in conjunction with experienced advice from competent legal and medical counsel that is appropriate and local to the user’s state. Finally, you cannot hold that the information on this site will insure any type of confidential relationship, and as such, if you are seeking to contribute or contact our team, you are urged not to provide sensitive information. That said, every effort will be made to keep your information confidential and private unless you choose to disclose it. However, no guarantees can be made for such and therefore if you do not want the internet to know about what you are writing, do not submit it. Use anonymous titles and descriptions if you seek that extra layer of privacy that is to be sought in such sensitive issues as pain management and the inherent issues of dealing with palliative pain management.

Often when clients visit with an attorney, they find that the particular attorney whom they are contacting is not the right attorney for their legal needs. After making a dozen phone calls, it can be tempting for a patient or patient advocate to give up the fight, surrendering and believing that help does not exist for them and their situation. However, the truth is, there are literally thousands of attorneys and specialties among attorneys are nearly as varied as there are specialties among medical doctors and health professionals. For this reason, it is important to persevere to find the correct type of attorney. Such is that case that a person would hire a bankruptcy attorney to assist with a foreclosure prevention situation and obviously not for a medical malpractice case. at the Painlaw Center for Mental Health Law and Bankruptcy Protection
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